One Dynamic Nation is led by a small group of volunteers. If you are interested in working or volunteering with us please get in touch.

David Meikle
David is a Conservative Councillor on Glasgow City Council. David is a graduate of Glasgow University and has worked in retail and audit. David enjoys football and music, and he is co-ordinating the launch of One Dynamic Nation.

Barry O’Neill
Barry is a project and change manager working within the energy sector. Barry has worked within this field for 6 years and has travelled the UK undertaking a variety of roles as part of his job. Barry is a member of the Labour Party, and he enjoys eating out and travel.

Anthony Pfaff
Anthony is a businessman who runs his own financial and related services company based in Glasgow. Anthony is the director of several companies and has lived in both the UK and in Canada. Anthony is not a member of any political party but is committed to saving the Union.