Why “One Dynamic Nation”?

Currently there is no coherent Scottish voice championing a preservation of the United Kingdom. There seems to be no organised campaign in Scotland against the SNP campaign for separatism.

Looking at the political arena, the pro-Union parties have been overtaken and swept aside by a mass vote of no confidence given to them by the Scottish electorate (although most commentators do agree that this was not an endorsement of independence but a protest vote). They have yet to effectively recover from this but without a united front Scotland could end up with an independence that its people are actually not fully supportive of.

At the start of the summer a small group of concerned people in Glasgow got together to seize the initiative and plug this gap. Basically, a voice needed to be created to focus a united front against separatism across all political parties and including all those wishing to support the United Kingdom. We created One Dynamic Nation – a positive movement that will be a proper and effective promotion of the United Kingdom by ordinary (and maybe not so ordinary) people who care about this.

So why is “One Dynamic Nation” so important?

It is important because a voice needs to be given, in a positive way, to people who like being a part of the UK and don’t want to change.

To date most of the press has been given to either negative arguments or London focussed initiatives and are missing out on the fact that many people in Scotland are actually really comfortable with being part of a stable union of nations that has lasted and prospered for over 300 years.

Being part of the Union is similar to the safe feeling you get when you are part of a supportive family. True there are times when squabbles happen – but that is healthy – that is family! There are always disagreements over who is getting the most “pocket money” and who is loved most. But on the whole a family that binds together, especially in times of crisis, is strong and cares about others in the family. To divorce is the “nuclear” solution to family issues and disagreements and never results in a good outcome.

Most of the arguments we have seen have been against staying together as a family – with options ranging from more devolution to full separation. A lot of money has been thrown at furthering these viewpoints and the “family” voice has not yet been heard. We need a positive message about the Union to balance the strong unchallenged messages already circulating promoting separatism.

One Dynamic Nation is important. It is important because it gives a voice to those who love, like or are just comfortable with the United Kingdom and don’t want to change this. It respects the voice of the people. One Dynamic Nation is a grass roots people power movement across all political parties to promote the Union. This is a chance for all those people in Scotland who don’t want to break up our country to actually make a difference.

All those who share our views on remaining in the UK are invited to sign up and support us in a positive way. This is a chance for you to be heard. We need your support.

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