Reflections on One Dynamic Nation launch

Barry O’Neill
Member of the Labour Party

It has been a rather interesting day for me and I have watched the developments with excitement.

I am part of One Dynamic Nation and I have been encouraged by the fact that news of One Dynamic Nation is starting to spread. We always hoped that this would be a grass roots campaign largely spread by word of mouth and social media and this seems to be happening.

So who are we? Well we are a group of people who all share a real desire for Scotland to remain in the United Kingdom. I smiled at the SNP’s press release when I saw it. As a member of the Labour Party I found it amusing that the press release implied that this was a ‘Tory led’ initiative. That is far from the case. As we worked towards today’s launch I don’t think any of us bothered with an interest in party politics – or in one case total lack of interest in politics. However we all shared a real desire that the United Kingdom should stay united. This is a not a group motivated by party politics.

David Meikle bore the brunt of a desire to link this to party politics today. By default he has emerged as our spokesperson because as a councillor he can often make himself available for comment during the day. I think he has done a great job though despite the anti-Tory comments.

Yes, on the whole today has been a good day. The case for not breaking up the United Kingdom is finally starting to be positively aired. This is good news for all the people of Scotland – nationalists and unionists

I would encourage all who feel the same way about remaining in the UK regardless of political party affiliation to get involved. We really need your support.