One Dynamic Nation interview

David Meikle from One Dynamic Nation was interviewed on the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland today

The point was made that One Dynamic Nation was a different initiative from any that could be launched by a political party in that it was cross party and grass roots. Any campaign by one of the three unionist parties would dilute the effort needed to fight an effective opposition to separatism and would exclude those who had no political affiliation. What was needed was a people led movement so that the voice of the Scottish people and not just the politicians could be heard on this vital subject.

David also noted that this needed to be Scottish led as it would not be good if it were seen that London based politicians were leading any anti-independence initiative.

He said that the United Kingdom was like a family and families don’t just split up.

Of course the movement by its very nature has to be political but he tried not to be drawn on negative “panic” arguments that of the kind that are being advanced elsewhere as part of the debate and focussed instead on the positive advantages of the Union. He said that One Dynamic Nation wanted to run a positive campaign.

Bottom line is that despite all the political debate a lot of people just like being Scottish and in the UK and are very comfortable with that.