It’s time the Phoney War was over.

The SNP and ‘Yes Scotland’ have said time and again that they want the debate on independence to move on to discussing the real issues and not get stuck talking about the process.

One Dynamic Nation agrees that the debate should now focus on discussing what independence is and what its benefits are.

Everyone knows what being part of the Union means. One Dynamic Nation has set out the positive case for remaining part of the UK on its website and we would encourage you to read it

Ironically, despite the pro-independence side wanting the debate to focus on the real issues, there hasn’t been much sign that they are engaging in this discussion. Whenever they are asked a question about what ‘independence’ is, or asked for some of the benefits, there is simply an assertion that things will be better or simply silence.

It’s not like there has not been time to think about these issues. The SNP was founded in the 1930s and has campaigned for Scotland to separate from the rest of the United Kingdom since it was established. Despite being a political party for 80 odd years it almost seems they have been caught “off guard” by the reality and the responsible questions that Scottish people are now asking

“What currency will we use?”

“What will happen with welfare and pensions?”

None of these have yet to receive satisfactory answers.

All is not lost though. In the past week or so, it seems that at least some discussion about some of these issues is now taking place, with questions being raised about Scotland’s relationship with NATO and membership of the EU if we become independent.

If we take the former issue first, it has always been the policy of the SNP to withdraw Scotland from NATO, if Scotland were independent. Despite this, it has now publicly committed that if Scotland votes “yes” to independence the country would actually remain part of NATO.

Is this a U-turn?

One Dynamic Nation certainly welcomes the SNP finally engaging in debate on this and answering questions people have regarding the important issue of defence – if we separate from the UK.

We also welcome the party’s new position on NATO – although it may have surprised some SNP party members!

Turning to the issue of membership of the EU, there is concern about the Scottish Government’s refusal to publish its legal advice on whether Scotland would remain part of the EU, if the country becomes independent. The Scottish Government has stated that Scotland will continue in membership of the EU as a “Successor” state and says the advice they have received supports their position.

However they are not prepared to publically disclose this advice.

Is there something to hide?

The publication of this advice is crucial because a number of legal experts have voiced the contrary opinion that Scotland would not automatically become part of the EU because it is would be a new or “Accessor” state.

One Dynamic Nation is disappointed the SNP has not been more open with people on this.

However putting this aside, hopefully these recent attempts to get information out of the Scottish Government means the phoney war on the independence debate is finally over and we have perhaps moved on to debating the real issues.

One Dynamic Nation hopes this is case and we will continue to publish articles on our website seeking out the answers to the important questions the pro-independence lobby has yet to address.

The people of Scotland deserve nothing more than an honest debate and honest answers from those who want to break up the United Kingdom.