Frequently Asked Questions

One Dynamic Nation want to properly and effectively answer the main questions being asked and address the main issues arising in the debate on independence for Scotland. We are doing this because we believe the Scottish people want their questions answered honestly. We believe that in order to have proper a debate full answers need to be out in the open.

We do not have all the resources at present to investigate every article or journal or book that might illuminate the debate. We do however have faith in the collective wisdom of the people of Scotland as well as those in the rest of the UK to help us. We want to use a Wikepedia approach where responses are built up based on the input and knowledge of those who come to this site.

So we need your help on this. Below we have outlined out a starter list of FAQs.

What we need from you is:
• Information on how to answer these questions.
• Advice on any other questions that should be asked.

Contact us by email with your answers to the questions people are asking about independence. We will read every response and then upload a collection of them to the website very soon.

  • Could an independent Scotland be self sufficient?
  • Would an independent Scotland assume a share of the UK debt?
  • What impact would oil revenues actually have on Scottish revenue?
  • Would Scotland become a member of the EU?
  • Would Scotland be admitted to the UN?
  • Would Scotland be a member of the G20?
  • Would Scotland be a member of Nato?
  • Would Scotland have it’s own army?
  • Would Scotland have its own currency or adopt the Euro?
  • Would the Queen remain as Head of State of an independent Scotland?
  • What is Independence Lite?
  • Would there be border controls between Scotland and England?
  • How would Scottish independence affect the rest of the UK?
  • How would payment of salaries and taxes be affected if you are an employee of a UK wide company?
  • How much of an extra civil service would have to be put in place and how much would this cost?
  • How would existing UK treaties/agreements with other countries be affected? Would they automatically apply to Scotland?
  • Would the European Court be the court of last resort in Scotland or would it have its own Supreme Court?
  • Would UK retail companies pull out of Scotland if it became unprofitable to operate there?
  • Would UK companies based in Scotland continue to be based in Scotland?
  • Could Scotland maintain a cost effective policy of renewable power if it became independent?
  • Could Scotland maintain it’s policies of free prescriptions, no university fees, free care for the elderly etc if it became independent?