Campaign funding

We live in a world where presentation is king. We have grown used to judging by appearance rather than being discerning. This is a dangerous place to be as evaluation on presentation rather than substance can carry a sting in the tail. Philosophers and people of wisdom through the ages have realised that outer show and beauty do not necessarily reflect measured consideration or inner beauty.

Scotland is now having to face up to the reality of this.

We have a situation where the nationalist movement has already attracted some £2 million towards funding the campaign to breakup of the United Kingdom as revealed in the following articles.

Daily Mail

MSN News

These two very fortuitous events have funnelled money from two committed Nationalist supporters into the coffers of the movement for separation. There has been no equivalent gesture from Union supporters. Indeed there is still a feeling in them that separation will never happen and so money should not be spent needlessly on what is a foregone conclusion.

Unfortunately this may not reflect the outcome of a richly funded and persuasive campaign.

The nationalist machine is set to roll out with a vengeance with a real risk that lack of available funds will only permit a limited exposure to the alternative. The presentation and marketing of campaign will be professional, persuasive and slick. The concern is that people may be minded to vote based on “xfactor” style rather than looking at what this issue and potential decision really means. What are the long and short term implications for Scotland and the United Kingdom?

This does not look like being a level playing field and if money can put on a good show and “buy” votes then the cohesion of the United Kingdom is in very real danger.

Currently the unionist parties are fighting to get sufficient funds to support their infrastructure. On the other hand the SNP does not have this problem.

To be clear we have no issue with the arguments pro and against the Union being set out in a clear way for the Scottish people to make up their own mind.

We do however have concerns with potential inequality inherent in a campaign where one side is awash with cash and the other is not. This does not in our opinion promote fairness.

We are moving into dangerous territory.