A Very British Event

It was a very British event.

A group of us at One Dynamic Nation went down to Windsor last weekend – at our own expense – to attend to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee pageant – a celebration of 60 wonderful years of selfless service to her country.

We wanted to be part of it – to celebrate our Britishness and, where appropriate, to promote ODN and what we were doing up in Scotland.

The event itself was fabulous – a real celebration of what the Queen has done throughout the world and what a great ambassador she has been and is. We watched acts from all over the world and in particular from the Commonwealth.

We sometimes forget that as British (Scottish. English, Welsh and Northern Irish) people we have left a worthy legacy in many nations that we can be proud of. We created a tremendously rich heritage based not just in Britain but also in the rest of the world. The warmth and affection shown by these nations for the Queen and the Britain she represents was very evident in the performers and could not have been just an act.

Britain is still well loved in her Commonwealth and beyond.

Scotland is part of this Britain.

Simply becoming another member of the Commonwealth would weaken the standing it has as part of the whole UK.

We also networked well. We connected with a lot of Scots who are living and working down South as well as English people bewildered by this sudden rise of Nationalism being promoted by the SNP and a little worried about what it might mean.

Here is a collection of some of the comments.

“What are you guys playing at? We don’t want you to go. We can’t imagine a Britain without you.”

“Why does Alex Salmond get so much air time? It seems he is always on tv and no one else is there to give the balance. We are fed up listening to him down here. We don’t like what he is trying to do.”

“I notice Scots down here are way more vocal about wanting to remain in the UK. Do you feel intimidated up there? Do you feel you can’t voice your opinions or do you all really want to break away and the Scots who don’t have all moved South anyway?”

“What’s the problem? Can’t you be Scottish and British? I’m English and British.”

“I am Scottish. I live down here in London but I am Scottish. I love going home to visit but I don’t think I would ever move back. All my business connections and friends are down. I don’t think Edinburgh could ever compete as a major financial centre like London. It is too small. I would hate to be in the position of having to go home to a foreign country.”

“I will opt for a British passport if it comes to a break up. But my son lives in Scotland. I really don’t want to have a different nationality from him.”

“Don’t you have any heavy weights prepared to fight your corner up there? It seems that the only one defending the Union against Alex Salmond is David Cameron down here and that can’t be good. Can’t you guys get your act together? Where is Gordon Brown? Alistair Darling? David Steel? Don’t they care? Can’t you just come together and start the bandwagon rolling?”

“I am so relieved to hear about One Dynamic Nation. I honestly thought nothing was happening in Scotland and that you would split us up without a fight.”

“Way to go One Dynamic Nation!!!!!!!”

The message is clear but we do need your continued support to bring this all together.

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We are One Dynamic Nation.