60 Wonderful Years

One Dynamic Nation wishes her majesty, our queen, Queen Elizabeth II, heartiest and heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee

This is a special article to remind everyone that, although Jubilee celebrations are going on all during the year, this specific weekend is set aside as the official Jubilee weekend and a national holiday.

It is still not too late to arrange something.

It has amazed us how many Scots are now using this as an opportunity to embrace this chance to celebrate their Britishness. At ODN our volunteers work in many different places of work and get a chance to ask their colleagues “What are you doing for the Jubilee?”

Everyone we have asked seems to be doing something. Maybe not the traditional street parties of down South but garden parties and house parties abound – maybe up North we are more wary of the weather when risking taking our celebrations to the street!!!

The shops are filled with Union Flags and emblems of national pride. We are lapping all this up. We like being British and it has taken an event like the Jubilee to remind us of this.

People are telling us that their Offices have put up bunting. Departments in at least one of our Financial institutions are reported as having put up decorations – this by one of our volunteers who works there. People in their homes are doing the same.

It’s not too late to follow suit. Why not arrange an impromptu celebration? Bunting and flags abound in our supermarkets and high streets so there is no shortage of supplies!!!

Send in your pictures of the celebrations and we will post the best.

We really really really need your pictures!!!!!


One of our volunteers bought a Union Flag I-phone cover today and the lady serving him said she has never seen anything like it. Merchandise is apparently flying off the shelves.

The official line that hardly anyone has applied for a street licence and so no one is celebrating is complete and utter nonsense. It appears that many have just not bothered to make a formal application for an event and are holding one anyway – perhaps wary of refusal or of all the red tape and conditions that might be imposed.

Perth is holding a Diamond Jubilee Parade, Big Jubilee Lunch, 8km Kilted Run, live music and is boasting a real carnival atmosphere.

Way to go Perth!!!!


Well done the Scots!!!!

On a more serious note it is worth noting that the monarchy is one of the strongest symbols of Union that binds our country together. Some people argue that the Queen has no role to play in the debate over Scotland’s possible separation from the rest of the UK. While we agree that it would be wrong for her majesty to take on any form of active role in this, we would underscore that what she represents in the context of unity, stability and values is essentially so British that it must be at the core of what we are campaigning to preserve.

The monarchy binding together the four nations united in our United Kingdom is the foundation of what makes our country special.

We should never forget that.

God save the Queen!!!!