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The Scottish Government has announced it will hold a referendum in the second half of its term on Scotland leaving the United Kingdom . One Dynamic Nation has been established because we are concerned with the progress now being made towards independence for Scotland and we fear there is a very real danger of Scotland drifting towards a break-up of the Union.

Therefore we believe we must mount a positive campaign championing a preservation of the UK. We can’t wait until the date of the referendum is announced. We believe we must start now and a people-powered, grassroots campaign is needed to highlight Scotland’s support for remaining part of the Union and our opposition to independence in any referendum.

Already we have the backing of prominent businessmen, politicians and other high profile individuals, so we therefore hope you can support the campaign by signing this petition so we can demonstrate to the Scottish Government that you – the people of Scotland – want to keep our country part of the UK and will vote against independence in the referendum.

Save my united kingdom

Dear One Dynamic Nation

We back the One Dynamic Nation campaign
We support Scotland remaining part of the UK
We demand the Scottish Government hold an In/Out one question referendum
We call on the Scottish Government to set a date for the referendum
We will vote against independence in the referendum


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