British & Scottish

In a Scotsman article from 15th March Iain Duncan Smith made it quite clear that he regarded himself as Scottish and British.

“As someone who was born in Scotland, lived much of his life in England and partly schooled in Wales, Mr Duncan Smith describes himself as “a product of the Union” and argues there are many like him who would be damaged by separation.”

Many other Scottish politicians in Westminster and Holyrood have echoed this sentiment.

It is in fact possible to be Scottish and British. We have received a lot of emails on this and starting today will start posting some of these – the ones we think best capture the sentiment of being British and Scottish. If you want to let us know why you feel British and Scottish and are proud of that fact then email us at This is your page. Tell us how you feel.

“When asked what nationality I am, it never enters my head to say that I am Scottish. I always respond, “I am British”. However as a citizen of the UK and in another part of the UK, when asked where I come from I invariably answer “I am Scottish” as I am proud to be a Scottish citizen of the UK. I am both Scottish and British. I can’t understand why people have a problem with that.”
Chris – Aberdeen.

“I have to admit I love the queen. She’s descended from the Scottish royal family and that makes her Scottish and British. I am a loyal subject and happy to be that too.”
Jean – Perth

“I love haggis, black pudding, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, Cornish pasties, bagpipes, Wimbledon, the Grand National, Coronation Street, River City, whiskey, cider, strawberries and cream, concorde, the Forth Rail Bridge. Does that make me Scottish and British? I guess so.”
Brian – Dundee

“One of my grandmothers was Scottish, the other Welsh. One of my grandfathers was English and the other came from Belfast. What does that make me? I guess because I was born and live in Scotland I can say I am Scottish but I have roots in all parts of the UK and never ever want to be put in a position of having to deny or apologise for any part of my heritage. I am British and Scottish.”
Ann – Glasgow

“Im backing Britain because… I am Scottish and British and have lived and worked all my life in Scotland, 6 years longer than Alex Salmond, as it happens.
All my ancestors for many generations were born and bred in Scotland, a place I dearly love.
The many things that unite our island, Great Britain, include our strong cultural and family ties. We live in one of the World’s strongest economies.
The highly succesful centuries old marriage of Scotland with England and Wales has brought many generations of peace between the people of Great Britain.
Let us keep it that way. Separatism makes no sense at any level.”

Jim – Edinburgh